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  • The Instagram Effect

    The Instagram Effect

    Instagram has changed the way I’m shooting these days!

    Recall that Acutance dot Net came about as a place to discuss and critique images, regardless of the way they were captured.  That is, the image is what’s important, not whether it was shot with a large format camera on transparency sheet film or with a digital point and shoot camera on a CCD sensor.

    However, the reality has been that most of us have spent the money to build a nice collection of quality, higher end equipment.  We discuss the images captured using this gear and don’t generally get into the details of the camera or lens… which is in line with the ideals of Acutance. Continue reading

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  • The Pain of Upgrading Your Computer

    Well, I’ve been distracted the past few weeks… I received a GoPro video camera for Christmas and that triggered a bunch of things…

    Continue reading

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  • Bernardo Ramos – With Fond Remembrance.


    As was noted in this thread in the Forum, we lost one of our own in September.  Bernardo was one of the first new members of Acutance following the transition from F32 dot Net and he epitomized our new direction of putting the image above the equipment.  While I have no doubt Bernardo appreciated good camera gear – he joined us from the Leica group after all – his minimalist vision was a breath of fresh air for all of us.  I know I myself learned much from the images he ever so humbly presented for critique, and while I will never have his eye for the simple beauty all around us, Continue reading

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  • ‘Tripping the Shutter is Only the Start’

    I really don’t know where to begin as the subject on which I am about to embark can be laborious and lengthy. Thus I will attempt to hit “high points” and intentionally omit *very pertinent points* of minutia. Though equally important, minutia is a protracted matter best served in small portions.  That being said, I want to discuss the importance of recognizing that tripping the shutter is only the start of the journey to a complete and optimized image.  Post processing is important and in fact, absolutely necessary. Continue reading

  • Predicting Iconic Images

    An idea that has often kept my mind busy during ‘windshield time’ I often need to spend for work  is the way in which some images capture the essence of a time and place in history.  Of course, there are the obvious ones -Marines raising the flag at Iwo Jima, Marilyn in the floating white dress, steelworkers having lunch on a girder high above New York – but I have seen many more that do the same thing. Continue reading

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  • Post Production Workflow: A discussion on unusual workflow practices

    Thought I would throw a thread in to the mix about something I do, that may be unusual compared to the post prod workflow we usually adhere to.  I’ll detail first what we all usually do, then what I do, and if anyone else does something out of the box or unexpected during their post workflow, please feel free to chime in. Continue reading

  • Shooting the Show 'n Shine - Part 2

    Shooting the Show ‘n Shine – Part 2

    In Part 1 of this subject I described some of the thought processes I went through in selecting equipment and what I actually ended up using.  Like packing a suitcase to go traveling for a month, I suspect we carry more camera gear than we almost ever actually need.  There is probably something to be said for learning to be a minimalist – equipment-wise at least.  I’m sure the Nikon’s and Canon’s of the world would prefer that we packed everything including the kitchen sink though…  That’s probably a subject for another post or a whole forum thread! Continue reading

  • Shooting the Show 'n Shine

    Shooting the Show ‘n Shine

    The local car clubs put together an annual show and shine event in the city core called Hot Nite in the City.  It sometimes rains, but usually the sun comes out and it’s really quite hot!  Not too surprising, because that’s what August is around here – stinkin’ hot!  I participated a few years back, but found that the stress of sitting in the sun near your car, watching baby strollers, purses and belt buckles come dangerously close to your car was just too much to bear.  So now I attempt to get down for an hour or two to see what I can find, photographically. Continue reading

  • Butterfly Flying

    Butterfly Flying

    I don’t know if this image is worth much but I share for insights from the membership.  Brock, when I showed the egret image from Australia; blurred as it was, but with some degree of sharpness, you suggested it was worth a canvas print.  So I did so and it turned out well.  Here is a butterfly fluttering around on the ground in South Australia; large field along the coast.  Continue reading

  • Experiment in Photographic Vision - John's Results

    Experiment in Photographic Vision – John’s Results

    I am not going to put in the original image. Just my finished product. For my first go round in this exercise. A Walk in the Woods I would call this one. That is how I saw it and envisioned the mods I made.  Continue reading

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